Significance of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are used to deal with the issue of soil erosion. It is crucial for an individual to develop a plan that will ensure that the soil is intact for a proper appearance of the home. The retaining walls are also used in gardens to provide support to the soil reducing the loss of nutrients through erosion.

Retaining walls design

The design of the retaining wall depends on the landscape where the design used should be firm to hold soil. The retaining walls Melbourne are used to provide support of the building against water that could cause damage to the house wall. The horizontal and vertical measurements are designed by evaluating the weak areas of the land. Retaining walls are also used to protect building and roads by reducing the speed of water after a heavy rain.

Consideration in making a retaining wall

An individual is supposed to have an insight of the use of the retaining wall for proper construction. The usage of retaining wall is to protect soil from being saturated, house and roads. The retaining walls consider the steepness of the slope in deciding the appropriate wall. Steep slopes are made useful by building a retaining wall which makes the landscape strong.

Tools needed in building a retaining wall

Retaining walls are expected to last for a long period hence need using appropriate materials to deal with the steepness of the landscape. The tools needed for retaining wall building are a tape measure, spade, level, mallet, hammer, drainage tile, impervious soil, wood and rocks. The landscape evaluation assists in determining the appropriate retaining wall. Retaining walls are made from wood and concrete to make it durable.

Benefits of retaining walls

l Prevent the water from entering through the house wall.

l Assists in directing the drainage system to reduce cases of soil erosion

l Beautifies the landscape

l Deals with the issue of flooding

l Retaining wall compact the soil adding support to the landscape.


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